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Christmas is over, and I’m back at work.

Yesterday I did five more pages than my goal number. Today I did two pages more than my goal.


Because of the tight timeframe for this project, I need to ensure that I finish it on time. The All Paths To Victory Strategy states that you do whatever it takes to complete your goal. In this case, the daily goals I set myself originally were best-case-scenario. If something happened to make me miss a daily goal, the whole project would be in jeopardy.

A case in point. We had a thunderstorm today. Thunderstorms are not good for computers, and I’m doing this job on the computer. I had to shut the computer down and unplug it while the storm was around. If we get another one tomorrow, the time available to work will again be shortened.

So this is the second strategy I am employing to get this job done: do more than the daily goal, if possible.

Tomorrow I will post the third strategy to completing a goal.


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