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When I started this blog, I installed Akismet, a spam catcher. I’m so glad I did! When I logged in today, there were 68 spam messages in the Akismet buffer. They are not the usual spammy messages I get via email – you know, the ones that want you to buy replica watches or enhancement products.

No, these spams are different.

Typically, they are over 20 lines long, with a garbled header, lots of links, and text that makes no sense whatsoever.

It takes time to skim the list and delete them. If I didn’t have Akismet installed, and the comments got posted to my blog, what would people think about me and the value of my blog?

Are these spam messages generated electronically, or do people actually sit down and write this garbage and send it to unsuspecting blogs? Why would anyone bother? What do they get out of it?

What is their victory?

Beats me.

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