© Gaye Wilson 2010

I went to put my dogs in their day pens this morning, and stopped short. On the ground at the bottom of a tree in one of the pens was something unexpected. I moved closer and saw the most wonderful lizard, motionless, staring up the tree trunk.

Needless to say I didn’t put the dog in there. Either the dog or the lizard would have had a very bad day.

I knew I had seen this type of lizard before, but certainly not in my back yard! I googled images of Australian lizards, and fond out that he is a Bearded Dragon. He’s about a foot and a half long, and covered in the most wonderful knobbly scales and spikes.

He’s gorgeous!

Now, what does this have to do with All Paths To Victory, or productivity?

Not a lot, you might think.

However, seeing this dragon in my garden has lifted my whole day. I found something new and unexpected in an otherwise ordinary day. I took time out to take photographs and enjoy the beauty. I learned something (this type of dragon originated in the deserts of central Australia, but is now a popular pet all over. This one is most definitely NOT a pet!).

I didn’t take time out to smell the roses – I took time out to enjoy a wild creature.

How can you enjoy beauty today?