I started this blog initially as a way for me to keep an online diary or journal of my various projects, noting how I do things, and ways I can make myself more productive. The name (and the quote under it) comes from a Lois McMaster Bujold science fiction novel (The Vor Game), where a character declares that the prudent person takes all paths to victory, in order to ensure a victory.

I have changed the emphasis slightly: the key of strategy is not to choose a path to victory, but to choose so that ALL paths lead to victory. Not A victory, which implies that you haven’t hit the original target, but you reached something. My emphasis, and the emphasis of this blog, is to ensure that you do whatever it takes to ensure you reach your goal.

When I was discussing this with a colleague, she started to argue with me about the interpretation of the quote. She thought that taking all paths would be a waste of time, that changing direction would be a waste of time, or that this presupposes that you can’t change your mind and direction.

I disagree. I think, in this world of distractions and busyness, ensuring that all paths you take will lead to your goals is uberproductivity.

By this I mean that you should ensure that everything you do will lead you closer to your goal – your victory – whatever that is. I don’t mean that you should try something, then try something else, then something else, and expect to achieve anything other than scatteredness. By all means, try something, and if it doesn’t work after a jolly good go at it, try to achieve your goal in another way. Learn from your mistakes.

Another way to look at it is to use multiple approaches to accomplishing the one goal. For instance, learning a foreign language. Reading a grammar book will not teach you a new language in a hurry. If, on the other hand, you employ several different but complementary strategies, such as going to classes, using flash cards, taping vocabulary words all over the house, watching the news in the new language, speaking to native speakers in the new language, playing word games, reading children’s books in the new language, using foreign language software etc. etc., then you have a far better chance of learning to actually use the language than you will by reading a grammar book.

This blog will be thoughts on how to set and achieve goals, no matter what, using real life examples. It will talk about the various projects in my life, and how I get them done. It will look at various methods of ensuring that I achieve the goals I set for myself. It will talk about productivity, tools, mindset, planning, project management, time management, health, life balance and anything that is relevant to achieving goals. It will include resources that I have found, and how they can help you reach your own victories.

My name is Gaye Wilson, and I am a professional life coach and editor.

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