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This blog and all information contained therein is COPYRIGHTED to Gaye Wilson 2007-2009.

This means that you may not copy any post to any other site or medium without my express permission in writing. If in doubt, EMAIL ME.

Ask First!

I do not use splogging tactics for this blog, nor do I use software that finds content on the internet and automatically creates blog posts for up to a year in advance, like some bloggers do. All posts are my own, original work. This is one reason why the blog is updated irregularly – I’m busy.

If you find any of my blog posts elsewhere on the internet, please notify me of its location, and my legal team will deal with the plagiarists.

You may mention the work on this blog in your own blog, or website or other media as long as you make attribution to the author of the post and add the permalink thereto. You must not imply or suggest in any way that the work is yours.

Non-Commercial Use Only
You may not use any of the posts or other information on this site for commercial purposes.

No Derivative Works
You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work in any medium.

No Published Translations
You may not translate or cause to be translated any of the work on this website and publish it in any medium without the express, written permission of the copyright holder.

Usage With Permission
Any of the above conditions may be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. For purposes of this clause, the copyright holder is considered to be Gaye Wilson, unless otherwise notified. If you wish to reuse or distribute any of the content with permission, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to the original article.

Use of feeds from this site are for personal use only. Commercial use is not permitted. Republishing content from this site via feeds is permitted as titles and excerpts only, at the discretion of the blog author and owner. Ask! Scraping, or using feeds as a replacement for content, is not permitted under any conditions without the express permission of the copyright holder. Any use or republishing of full or excerpted content as a replacement for content is not permitted and will be penalised.

Comments Policy
The owner of this blog (Gaye Wilson) reserves the right to edit, delete, and block any and all inappropriate or unnecessary comments on this blog, as seen fit. Any comments that get through my spam blocker software that have links to websites that I consider to be offensive will be deleted immediately. Commenting is a privilege and is meant to provide feedback and a constructive conversation. Please play nice.

If you wish to comment in a language other than English, please at least make an attempt to also translate your comment into English, and post that at the end of your comment.

I love to receive constructive comments and comments that compliment me or my ideas. Please do not comment merely to get trackbacks to your site. Find another way to get hits to your site. To be quite honest, this site does not attract enough traffic to be worth your while.

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